Basic Business Planning

Beacon Business Advisors help business owners with Basic Business Planning in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and all around Northeast Florida!

Basic Business Planning, a 3 month look ahead, can quickly put your business on a path towards improved and predictable short-term results. If you are a small, established business owner who has never had a business plan or an entrepreneur who wants to see if they have a viable business idea to start, this is the plan for you.

A Basic Business Plan provides a macro view of your business and creates a building block for you to work from. This plan describes the highlights of your business, a few critical points and your objectives. Think of it as your “Elevator Pitch.” It is truly “lean” utilizing bullet points, lists, milestones, and short-term forecasting.

Basic Business Planning and its use as a short-term Roadmap will illustrate first-hand the importance of planning. It can begin to foster a team management culture which is more focused, communicative, and accountable. It also allows you to present your business formally and professionally on paper should you be looking for funding from investors or banks or even insurance companies.